Logic Pro Mixing Templates



DXT3R – Mixing Templates Logic Stock is a collection of new DAW templates designed for Logic Pro, delivering next-level sound processing with maximum efficiency and accessibility. Mixing Templates were created using actual Hip-Hop and R&B sessions mixed and mastered by Dxt3r.

There are 3 templates in this package for 3 different session types:

  • 2Track
  • Beat Mixing
  • Full Song Mixing

These templates exclusively use stock plugins available within Logic Pro to give you an ideal starting point for mixing your vocals and instrumentation.

  • Mixing templates are essential tools for audio engineers and sound engineers looking to create high-quality audio tracks. With the use of professional mixing templates, these professionals can save time and streamline their workflow, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of production.
  • Our Mixing Templates for Logic Pro X are designed with professional audio engineers and sound engineers in mind, providing a comprehensive library of pre-made mixing presets that can be easily imported and customized to fit your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these templates will help you achieve a polished, professional mix in no time.

Key Template Features
Custom Vocal Chains  – Convenient Bussing and Effects Sends – Creative Instrumental Effects Settings – LUFS Reference Notes (for precise leveling) – Advanced EQ and Compressor Settings – Optimised Sidechain Compression  – Track Names & Labels – Preconfigured Master Bus Settings – And Much More

Daw Compatibility: Logic Pro (10.7.4 or higher)

Logic Pro Mixing Templates FAQs

What are Logic Pro mixing templates?

Logic Pro mixing templates are pre-made mixer setups that can be used as a starting point for mixing projects. These templates include pre-configured channel strips with effects, EQ, and routing, allowing you to quickly and easily create a professional-sounding mix.

How do I use a mixing template in Logic Pro?

To use a mixing template in Logic Pro, simply open the template and start adding your audio tracks to the mixer. You can then adjust the individual channel strips as needed for your specific mix.

Can I create my own mixing templates in Logic Pro?

Yes, you can create your own mixing templates in Logic Pro by customizing the mixer and saving it as a template. This allows you to create your own custom mixer setup that can be easily loaded into future projects.

What are the benefits of using mixing templates in Logic Pro?

The benefits of using mixing templates in Logic Pro include saving time and effort, as well as ensuring consistency in your mixing projects. Mixing templates also allow you to quickly switch between different mixer setups and experiment with different effects and processing techniques.

Are mixing templates in Logic Pro genre-specific?

Some mixing templates in Logic Pro are designed for specific genres of music, such as hip-hop or rock, while others are more versatile and can be used for a variety of genres. It is important to choose a mixing template that is appropriate for your specific mix and genre, or to create your own custom template that fits your specific needs.