Reviewing ‘Recirculate’: Newfangled Audio’s Latest Effect Plug-in

Newflanged Audio Recirculate, Eventide Recirculate effect plugin, Recirculate Delay plugin

Reviewing 'Recirculate' : Newfangled Audio’s Latest Effect Plug-in

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Could Newfangled Audio’s Recirculate Delay plugin, be the solution to the complex process of achieving the perfect echo and delay in music production?

In the dynamic world of music production, getting the ideal echo and delay effect often involves a meticulous assembly line of plugins – a side chain compressor for precision, an EQ for tonal shaping, and modulations, reverb to infuse character. Producers and sound engineers are accustomed to navigating this complex chain of tools to achieve the elusive perfect blend.

On January 23, 2024 Newfangled Audio, under the umbrella of Eventide Audio, introduced ‘Recirculate‘ plug-in – a singular plugin poised to revolutionize the echo and delay landscape in music production. It looks like this one plugin has brought together all the different audio components needed to make the sound just right, creating a unified, streamlined solution. Let’s explore how ‘Recirculate‘ stands as a comprehensive game-changer in the world of audio effects.

Recirculate takes a unique approach compared to many delay plugins. Instead of focusing on replicating specific technologies, it prioritizes controls that users can audibly perceive. What sets it apart is the user-friendly front panel, allowing easy adjustments to filters, drive, compression, and reverb. This design ensures a seamless fit into modern productions, providing features like transient control, ducking, gating, and robust filtering. Together, these elements enhance the depth and dimension of your mix without overcrowding the sonic space.

Within the Recirculate plug-in, you’ll discover a dynamic array of options, including 7 overdrive character choices, 4 noise options, a compressor, modulation, granular delay, and a reverb that ranges from a gentle diffusion to an epic scale. These features, along with the dynamic section, are applied to each repetition, seamlessly adding layers of character and dynamic nuances to the overall sound.

Recirculate with dxt3r eventide newflanged audio effect plugin

Key Recirculate Plugin Features:

Let’s take a closer look at Recirculate. This effect plugin boasts an extensive range of features, each meticulously crafted to empower producers and audio engineers with unprecedented control over their sonic landscapes. Let’s explore functionalities that define Recirculate:

  1.  Crafting with Ease: With Recirculate, we can effortlessly create anything from simple to intricate rhythmic echoes. It’s like a balancing act between simplicity and depth, giving me this super cool, user-friendly experience.
  2. Rhythmic Diversity with Dual Time Control: This is where it gets exciting. The dual time control feature lets me play around with initial delays and repeats separately. It’s like unlocking a door to a world of rhythmic diversity.
  3. Versatile Delay Modes: Recirculate with delay modes like Standard, Pitch Warp, Ping Pong, and Granular, the possibilities are endless. We get to craft unique and innovative delay effects that suit our vibe.
  4. Precision Sync for Perfect Timing: Timing is everything, right? Recirculate lets us sync the echoes with note values, steps, or milliseconds, ensuring they seamlessly groove with our compositions. It’s all about that perfect tempo alignment.
  5. Shaping Echoes the Way we Want: Sculpting echoes is an art, and Recirculate hands me the tools. High and low cut filters with morphable shape controls give me the precision I need to seamlessly fit my echoes into any mix.
  6. Rhythmic Precision with Transient Designer: I don’t want clutter in my mixes, especially with busy echoes. Recirculate’s Transient Designer lets me keep or remove transients, maintaining rhythmic precision and clarity.
  7. Mastering Dynamics with In-Built Processing: Now, this is where the magic happens. The in-built Compressor, Ducker, and Gate in Recirculate give me advanced control over echo dynamics. It’s like having a side-chain compressor already set up.
  8. Adding Personality with the Character Section: I love this part – the Character Section offers me 28 unique character and noise combinations. It’s like customizing my echoes, giving them a distinct personality that sets my sound apart.
  9. Elevating Echoes with Ethereal Reverb: Recirculate’s reverb is like a secret sauce. From slightly diffuse repeats to lush tails, it adds this ethereal quality, creating a captivating sense of space and dimension.
  10. Creating Depth with Soundstage Controls: Chorus, Spread, XFeed, and Granular Spray – these controls in Recirculate are a playground for expanding the spatial qualities of the echoes. It’s all about adding depth and dimension to the sonic landscape.
  11. Seamless Integration with Dry FX: Recirculate is not just a plugin; it’s my toolkit for sonic excellence. Blending its character and tone into the dry path enhances the impact of my echoes and takes the whole performance to new heights.

In essence, Recirculate is not merely an audio plug-in; it is a comprehensive toolkit designed to inspire and empower music creators, offering an expansive array of features for unparalleled control and creativity in the realm of echo and delay effects.

My Conclusion on Newfangled Audio's Recirculate:

From my point of view, the wide variety of features that Recirculate provides is really impressive. Being able to easily create both complex and simple echo effects is a major advantage. The plugin’s versatility in delay behaviors, precision in syncing, and the depth added by its character and reverb options are standout features that have greatly simplified my production process. These capabilities have not only saved me time but have also expanded my creative palette, allowing me to experiment and shape soundscapes in ways I hadn’t imagined before.

However, I’ve also noticed some aspects that might not appeal to everyone. For beginners in audio production, the extensive range of options and controls in Recirculate can be daunting. The learning curve is steeper compared to more straightforward, single-purpose plugins. Another point to consider is the integration of so many features into one plugin. While this is convenient, it somewhat limits the flexibility compared to using a chain of individual, specialized plugins.

In essence, Recirculate is a powerhouse of a plugin, ideal for those who seek deep and nuanced control over their delay and echo effects. Its contribution to enhancing and transforming audio is undeniable. As with any tool in creative work, its effectiveness and value are highly subjective and depend on the specific needs, skills, and preferences of the user. As for me, Dxt3r, I find it an invaluable addition to my toolkit.


Try Out Newfangled Recirculate here at Eventide.

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