Musik Hack’s Master Plan: Hyped or The Real Deal in Mastering Plugin?

Master Plan. Dxt3r's masterplan, Musik Hack Masterplan,

Musik Hack's Master Plan: Hyped or The Real Deal in Mastering Plugins?

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Get ready to master any mix with Musik Hack’s debut plug-in, Master Plan! It’s not just about cranking up the volume.

In this extensive review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Master Plan, exploring its impressive features, user-friendly interface, and determining whether it’s the missing element that will unlock the full potential of your music. Join us as we uncover the truth behind Musik Hack’s Master Plan: Hyped or The Real Deal in Mastering Plugins?

 In this mega audio plugin review, we’re going to unravel the mysteries of Master Plan, checking out its cool features, how easy it is to use, and whether it’s the secret audio mastering sauce your music’s been missing.

Master Plan's Features and Compatibility:

Master Plan works on both Mac and Windows in all DAW. Choose from flexible subscription plans – opt for a twelve-month term or make a long-term commitment with a perpetual license. The registration process is streamlined, and once you’re onboard, you are no longer bound by the necessity of an internet connection.

Master Plan User Experience:

Our audio expert, Dxt3r, initially approached Master Plan with a sense of caution. Traditional processors can be compared to comfortable, familiar shoes, and adopting Master Plan felt like trying on a shiny new pair. However, the novelty doesn’t equate to discomfort. While Master Plan’s ‘Loud’ knob takes the spotlight, its true prowess emerges when used judiciously, transforming it into a sophisticated maximizer. The key lies in it’s limiter/clipper algorithm.

The visual interface is equally impressive – akin to adjusting a video game character, it’s resizable for personalized convenience. If the default black screen with off-white text doesn’t suit your preference, seamlessly switch to a white background for a more comfortable reading experience. The dynamic, colored ‘glow’ adorning the controls adds a touch of visual flair reminiscent of disco lights for your soundboard. For those who prefer a more subdued aesthetic, fear not – easily disable this feature in the settings and choose your preferred LED color.

Master plan, Dark Masterplan, Musik Hack Masterplan


Before you start twiddling knobs, listen to the default settings. There’s a subtle thickness and a presence boost (fancy words for making things sound cooler). Master Plan isn’t just about making things loud; it’s like a magic wand for your audio, balancing and sweetening the mix. The minimal controls mean it can’t do everything, but what it does, it does with style.

Diving Deeper in Master Plan:

  1. Multi processor: Picture it like a superhero cape for your audio. The Multiband Processor swoops in, adjusting frequencies dynamically based on the signal. It’s like having a frequency wizard in your corner, fixing imbalances and making your music shine.

  2. Saturation and Harmonic Exciter “Thick”: Think of it as adding spice to your audio recipe. Master Plan’s saturation and harmonic exciter bring warmth and character, giving your music that analog vibe. And the Harmonic Exciter? It’s like a spice rack for harmonics – sprinkle in some energy!

  3. Stereo Widening and Imaging “Wide”: Time to make your music three-dimensional! The Stereo Widening and Imaging tools let you paint a sonic masterpiece. From a subtle spread to an expansive landscape, you’re in control of how wide your sound goes.

  4. Tape Emulation: The Tape knob on the Master Plan introduces an element of tape emulation, simulating the warm, vintage characteristics associated with analog tape recordings. This feature imparts a subtle yet distinct tape saturation effect, enhancing the richness and depth of your audio. By delicately manipulating the Tape knob, users can infuse their music with a touch of analog and warmth, achieving a nuanced sonic texture reminiscent of classic analog recordings.

(The Master Plan team Sam and Stan shared with me that they dedicated substantial effort to perfecting the Tape knob, making it one of my favorite features due to its ability to evoke a warm and nostalgic tape emulation in the audio processing.)

Customization and GUI Fun:

Master Plan is like your favorite LEGO set – you can make it your own. Resize the GUI to fit your style, from pocket-sized to wall-sized. The black background is sleek, but if it’s not your vibe, switch to white. And those glowing controls? If it’s too much like a disco ball, turn it off and pick your favorite LED color. Master Plan is all about making your experience personal.

Masterplan Settings ,Masterplan, Maximiser Loud Song

Putting Master Plan into Action:

Now, let’s delve into the practical application of Master Plan.

The plug-in is based around a transparent loudness processor, with the amount of limiting applied defined by a central Loud parameter. Low and High controls then provide two bands of equalisation, with the first offering a range of ±6dB, and the second allowing ±8dB of adjustment. Further tonal control is available thanks to a selection of buttons, with a Clean control serving to remove any ‘muddy’ low-frequency content, and a Calm button combating high-frequency buildup.

Moving away from transparency, Master Plan also allow users to introduce some saturation, with Tape and Thick buttons offering a fixed amount of tape emulation and analogue-inspired saturation respectively. A Multi button engages a multi-band compressor, with users able to set the amount of gain reduction applied across fixed low, mid and high bands using three level sliders. The behaviour of the compression can be modified using a Smooth button alongside the multi-band section, which is intended to “gently tame” dynamic signals.

Completing the processing chain is a single Wide parameter, which utilises phase coherent stereo depth processing to provide users with some control over the perceived width of their signal. A number of helpful monitoring control facilities are built in to the plug-in, with mono summing and dim functions joined by emulations of NS10 monitors and mobile playback devices. Finally, the bottom of the GUI offers a row of numerical meters that display the resulting loudness values in both short-term and integrated LUFS readings, along with peak and crest factor readouts.

Whether you’re refining the complexities of an orchestral piece or energizing a lively pop track, this powerful maximizer seamlessly integrates into your workflow. With its Multi Processor, Master Plan expertly tailors frequencies, bringing out intricate details in orchestral arrangements. Switching to a Hip-Hop context, the plugin enhances the track’s impact, injecting punch and warmth through saturation while creating an immersive sonic experience with its Stereo Widening feature. In this exploration, we uncover how Master Plan becomes an invaluable mastering plugin, elevating the quality and character of diverse musical compositions.

Master Plan. Dxt3r's masterplan, Musik Hack Masterplan,

Pricing & Availability

Master Plan is available now, with rent-to-own and permanent licences currently being offered for reduced introductory prices. Rent-to-own 35$ x5 month, and a permanent costs $87.50 (usually $175).


Master Plan is supported on Mac and Windows platforms, and is available in VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats. compatible with all DAW.

Addressing the Hurdles:

Master Plan is fantastic, but let’s be real – no superhero is perfect. The minimal controls might leave tech-savvy mastering engineers wanting more buttons to push. And yes, there are no fancy meters. But hey, Master Plan is like a focused mastering superhero – it does what it’s meant to do exceptionally well.


In the grand showdown of mastering processors, Master Plan by Musik Hack is like the cool kid who’s secretly an audio mastering superhero. It’s not just about loudness; it’s about shaping and enhancing your music with style. Is it replacing your entire studio? Probably not. But is it a fantastic maximizer, making your tunes sound awesome? Absolutely! Master Plan invites you into its sonic playground, ready to turn your musical journey into a thrilling adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Let the audio magic begin!

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